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" Men's health " is still a social taboo nowadays. These are unpleasant problems, but not unsolvable. Boston Scientific's Aspironix portfolio includes products for the treatment of male incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine) and erectile dysfunction. These are implants that significantly improve the quality of life of patients.


Surgical treatment of urinary incontinence

In the Czech Republic, up to 160,000 men suffer from urinary incontinence, e.g. due to an injury in the pelvis or as a result of a radical prostatectomy. The quality of their life can be changed by surgery – implantation of a suburethral male tape or implantation of an artificial urinary sphincter AMS 800.

Artificial urinary sphincters AMS 800 are implanted in several workplaces in the Czech Republic, e.g. Urology Clinic VFN Prague or Urology Clinic FN Brno. The performance is fully covered by health insurance.

Surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction

Penile implant treatment is intended for all patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction and for whom conventional therapy using tablets or injections into the penis does not work or is not satisfied with it. Erectile dysfunction does not threaten the patient's health directly, but it can significantly worsen the quality of his personal life and can also be a warning sign of a serious disease that is taking place in secret.


Prevalence of ED

According to the experience of urologists, 50% of men in their fifties, 60% of men in their sixties, 70% of men in their seventies and 80% of men in their eighties have problems with erection.

Only 1 center implants AMS penile prostheses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – the Iscare Clinical Center in  Prague. Operators from the andrology department have already performed more than 50 implantations of penile prostheses. Penile prostheses are not covered by health insurance.

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