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Aspironix Aesthetix

Aspironix is also active in the aesthetic products market. Our added value in the aesthetics segment is in providing a comprehensive portfolio of high quality products and services, enabling us to provide and recommend a suitable products for each client. We offer aesthetic laser and energy devices, both for ablative and non-ablative applications, such as body and facial contouring, scar treatment or cellulite treatment, as well as a focus on facial care, offering injectable fillers and accessories for their application, among others. 

Aspironix is an important partner for its clients and it is in our interest to provide our clients with the highest level of service, which is why we strive to follow current and future trends in aesthetic medicine and bring new products and procedures to the Czech market. 


The American company Algeness focuses on the development of innovative dermal fillers. Algeness products are the result of 10 years of scientific and clinical research to find the most natural, biocompatible material to fill wrinkles and compensate for volume loss in the soft tissues of the skin. It is an agar (purified polysaccharide) based filler that for the first time in aesthetic medicine offers a 100% natural, biocompatible, biodegradable and chemical-free alternative to dermal fillers.



Arthrex is a global leader in the development of new products and medical education in orthopedics. Arthrex has been a pioneer in the field of arthroscopy and develops more than 1000 innovative products and procedures every year. From the Arthrex portfolio, we offer Arthrex ACP® Double Syringe for skin rejuvenation using your own blood plasma. The ACP® method is a highly effective way to reduce the signs of aging using the body's own substances without the use of anticoagulants, separation gels, activators, or toxins. During the treatment, we will take a few milliliters of your blood, from which we uniquely obtain plasma containing growth factors found in blood platelets. These growth factors are essential for initiating regenerative processes that are crucial for stimulating the production of collagen, elastin, and new blood vessels. We then apply this plasma to the treated areas.


SkinBetter is an American company that develops and manufactures innovative and safe dermatological skin care products. The company was founded by a team of experienced professionals and experts in the field of dermatology and aesthetics with the goal of creating a line of products with clinically proven efficacy that is essential for visible skin rejuvenation. The products are designed to deliver measurable and trusted results and in the three core segments of Rejuvenation, Transformation and Protection. SkinBetter has won many awards for the results and real effects that have been achieved after the application of their products. 

SkinBetter is a combination of science, beauty and affordable luxury.

Rejuvenation Collection of Products corrected-01.png


ENERGIST is the world's leading manufacturer of medical devices used in aesthetic and dermatological medicine. Now it has come up with the revolutionary NEOGEN Plasma technology, which achieves excellent results in skin rejuvenation, wrinkle smoothing, non-invasive eyelid lifting and many more.

This unique technology, which directly competes with fractional lasers and surpasses them in safety, achieves significantly better results with less healing time. Controlled heating of the skin structure stimulates physiological reactions, without creating open wounds or epidermal compaction of the skin. 


TSK is a globally known Japanese company that develops
and manufactures high quality and innovative medical devices such as cannulas, needles, syringes and other injectable supplies. These products are used in a wide range of medical applications and because of their superior quality, especially in the field of aesthetic dermatology (dermal fillers), TSK products are the most common choice of physicians worldwide because they are one of the few products with features that enhance accuracy, efficiency, and most importantly, patient comfort.
Needles manufactured by TSK are ground and polished to the highest precision. TSK has received many awards from physicians around the world for the sharpness and reliability of its needles.


LG Chem

LG Chem Ltd. is Korea's largest chemical company based in Seoul, South Korea. Among the products it develops

and manufactures include hyaluronic acid filler materials, which it has been producing for over 20 years. LG Chem has shipped over 20 million hyaluronic acid syringes and is a leading player in the aesthetic market.

Moller Medical

Moller Medical is a German manufacturer of medical devices with a tradition since 1949. It is also a supplier to leading companies in the field of medical technology and chemical analysis (Siemens, B-Braun, etc.). At the same time, it offers several products and devices of its own, one of which is the Vibrasat Pro liposuction device, which, thanks to its complexity and quality has become a highly sought after liposuction device worldwide. 

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