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Digital health

Healthcare is constantly evolving and increasingly using modern digital technologies. 


Aspironix offers its clients new innovative products that help to digitalize healthcare.

MAWI Cardio

Advanced, yet simple cardiac monitoring. Single use and fully disposable 5-days monitoring device that patients don’t mind. The device is comfortable, lightweight and is not disruptive to daily activities (shower, sleep, sex, sport, etc.).


Mawi algorithms use AI for a beat-to beat determination to scan each beat of a cardiogram and can detect all critical rhythm abnormalities and increases the chance of catching 30% more arythmias than the standard 2-day monitoring.


Checkpoint Cardio

The Checkpointcardio remote monitoring medical solution measures an unmatched quantity of vital signs in real time and transmits them wirelessly to medical professionals regardless of the patient's location. Patients are ALWAYS CONNECTED and Truly Safe thanks to the real time data transmission and the 24/7 Virtual Care Centre.


It was developed and validated with the leading EU university hospitals and is the most advanced, widespread and affordable telemedicine solution on the EU market.


The xCare project was created to help physicians provide the highest level of care for their patients while significantly reducing the effort normally spent on wound care. By leveraging the camera and other features of smartphones, the xCare app allows physicians and medical staff to save the time and resources needed to heal their patients' wounds efficiently and innovatively.


Sycai Medical

Sycai Medical is a Spanish provider of unexampled artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for radiology.

Sycai’s product is an assistant, which helps radiologists to detect pancreatic cystic lesions, allowing a population screening to identify people who have them and that could be more likely to develop cancer in the future.

This kind of lesions can evolve into pancreatic cancer, the 4th cause of death by cancer in Europe with an average survival time from diagnosis of less than 5 months and currently without an efficient method or early diagnosis.

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