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Critical care

A critically ill patient is a patient with potential or ongoing failure of one or more organs, when there is an immediate threat of failure of basic vital functions or this failure has already occurred. These are conditions that arose suddenly, postoperative conditions, post-traumatic conditions with the subsequent development of various complications and structural disorders or neuromuscular deficits. A critically ill patient requires intensive care at the ARO, ICU, JIMP, OCHRIP departments. We provide and supply a diverse and comprehensive range of healthcare products with a focus on patient care while reducing costs, increasing efficiency and increasing quality. Our product offering provides clinicians and caregivers with the choice of products needed to meet the daily demand for complete healthcare solutions.


The most important product groups include enteral nutrition, prevention of deep vein thrombosis, cardiothoracic suction and ECG electrodes.


Enteral nutrition

In cooperation with the companyCardinal Healthwe offer the latest enteral pumpsKangaroo™ ePump and Kangaroo™ Joey. Kangaroo™has been a trusted name in enteral nutrition for over 30 years. These enteral pumps have the option of continuous or intermittent feeding and flushing in one compact, easy-to-use device. Enteral pumps have a unique automatic flushing function. Hydration and nutrition in one. Only enteral feeding pumps provide this innovative and cost-effective optionKangaroo™.


Both Kangaroo™ ePump enteral feeding pumps

and Kangaroo™ Joey:

  • I eliminate the need for an additional enteral pump to administer water.

  • I reduce the need to rely on iv therapy and the associated costs and risks of hydration therapy.

  • They reduce the risk of comorbidities associated with dehydration


A range of universal, special enteral sets and products for short-term and long-term enteral access are available.


We provide a complete system for the administration of nutrition, from free rental of devices, through the supply of consumables, security of BTK, repairs, training of workers or consulting in the field of enteral nutrition.

ECG Electrodes

Kendall ECG electrodesthey meet the requirements of all departments of the entire hospital, including intensive care units, operating rooms, ambulances, inpatient wards and emergency services. The complete range offers electrodes for all indications.

Advanced manufacturing technologies ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective range of products including:

  • Various electrode shapes for easy application to different anatomical locations

  • A wide range of carriers suitable for all skin types

  • Patented gel formulation that exceeds AAMI electrical standards

  • Non-irritating and non-sensitizing adhesives, designed to minimize the possibility of an allergic reaction

  • Products without latex



  • Long-term monitoring

  • Children's electrodes

  • Multipurpose electrodes

  • Stress Test & Holter

  • Short-term monitoring


Cardiothoracic suction

Chest drainageperformed where a one-time chest puncture is not enough to remove the pathological content of the pleural cavity. The procedure is performed in spontaneous pneumothorax (e.g. in so-called bullous emphysema), post-traumatic pneumothorax (e.g. in the case of rib fractures), in massive or recurring non-inflammatory effusion that does not respond to puncture, especially if it causes respiratory insufficiency, in effusion of tumor origin before the administration of cytostatics (medicines that stop the growth of tumor cells) into the pleural cavity, in purulent effusion (empyema) and bloody effusion (hemothorax). We offer a complete line of chest drains and accessories, chest catheters or thoracocentesis sets fromCardinal Health.

Prevention deep
thoracic thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)can be characterized as the formation of a blood clot, which most often forms in the deep veins of the lower limbs. Blood clots can block blood flow in the veins and cause pain, swelling, enlarged veins in the legs, or skin discoloration that is warm and tender to the touch. DVT is often a hidden problem that appears suddenly and without any symptoms. Blood clots can form for many reasons, including prolonged immobility such as from being in bed or traveling for several hours, as well as after some surgical procedures. The risk of thrombus formation increases in direct proportion to the length of the surgical procedure (the longer the procedure, the greater the risk of thrombus formation) and, of course, also with the period of immobility.


Venous disease

If a patient has ever suffered from venous thrombosis due to permanent damage to the venous valves, they are more prone to developing venous disease such as recurrent DVT, pulmonary embolism (PE) or post-thrombotic syndrome.


We offer a complete line of non-invasive products for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis: the compression systemKendall SCDand anti-embolism stockings from the companyCardinal Health. 

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