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Mammary diagnostics

The Aspironix company distributes products that help improve patient diagnosis during mammological examination. These are products that the doctor uses during an additional examination - a breast biopsy. Tissue removal using a vacuum biopsy and subsequent marking of the removal site with a long-term visible clip. For subsequent surgical procedures, doctors use the Neoprobe device to easily detect sentinel nodes or other places marked with a radionuclide.


An absolute novelty is the ProFound AI software, which, thanks to artificial intelligence, helps radiologists detect and evaluate findings from mammographic images.


Vacuum breast biopsy

A vacuum biopsy is the removal of tissue for histological verification from the breast under mammographic or ultrasound control. Thanks to it, it is possible to correctly diagnose breast cancer already in the earliest stages.


Mammotome devices make it possible to remove the necessary amount of tissue with a single injection into the breast.

Marking clips

Locating clips are used to mark the tissue collection site. They are usually used in the case of small lesions and microcalcifications, which are difficult to monitor after biopsy for further diagnosis or surgery.


Sentinel node detection

Gamasonda Neoprobe detects the sentinel (first) node that is on the way of the lymph from the breast tumor.

Thanks to it, only the first node can be removed and examined histologically. This reduces the risk of permanent postoperative consequences in the form of lymphedema of the upper limb.

Sirius Medical - Localization of malignant tumors

The Sirius Pintuition is a small but permanent magnetic localization grain that accurately marks malignant tumors and aids in surgical removal from any direction. Our magnetic grain is robust and is encapsulated in high quality biocompatible titanium that does not contain nickel. It cannot be deactivated, can be detected in fluid and does not lose signal over time.

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