The range of services provided includes market analysis, market access, and complete distribution. 
We have a unique set of capabilities and we achieve excellent sales performance in Central and Eastern Europe. All of this is in full compliance with the client's strategic plans, processes and policies to maximize brand development, customer satisfaction, and long-term loyalty.

KCI an Acelity Company offers a complete range of wound healing products that meet the highest demands of healthcare professionals. The company focuses on skin care and wound healing in new ways, enhanced by an experienced team of experts in England. Delivers innovative products that are a breakthrough in clinical and economic results in the treatment, treatment, and healing of both chronic and acute wounds. An experienced team of research and development experts at the Center of Excellence for Wound Healing in Gargrave, North Yorkshire, who has had a long history of developing wound healing materials, worthy of innovative wound healing practices.  KCI is a global company offering breakthrough and unique solutions for acute and chronic wound healing using specially developed V.A.C. based on vacuum therapy. For 35 years, KCI has been giving special emphasis to developing innovative technologies (NPWT) in vacuum therapy, so that wound healing is as quick and effective as possible. Meaning easy for medical staff and convenient for patients around the world. This unique therapy allows you to treat a wide range of different injuries and speeds healing.


Boston Scientific AMS / Men's Health develops and manufactures top therapies and products for the treatment of urinary incontinence in men. It also offers penile prostheses for erectile dysfunction.

Cardinal Health helps to deliver high-quality and affordable products that are included in a wide, high-quality and value-for-money offer. It manufactures more than 2.5 trillion healthcare products per year, including medical, surgical, laboratory and rarely nuclear products.

CORDIS has been a pioneer and world leader in the development of mini-invasive methods of cardiac and vascular disease and top products associated with it. Cordis is being linked with high-quality and less invasive cardiovascular products and has built a strong global footprint across countries around the world.

SmartAging provides a comprehensive approach and individual rejuvenation solutions naturally while maintaining your own facial expression and personality using the highest quality products with maximum safety and comfort, excellent service, high clinical expertise, and financial transparency. 

Arthrex in the field of aesthetic medicine is mainly dedicated to the development of products for the preparation of fully autologous treatments. It brings to the market the ACP for the preparation of plasma therapy, fat fillers, and stem cells all using a single system. The development of this product has placed the utmost emphasis on sterility and safety that Arthrex has achieved through the creation of a completely closed ACP double syringe system. The main advantage is that it is 100% autologous therapy, which means that no separation gels or anticoagulants are used in the preparation of plasma or microtubule. Arthrex is also a leading specialist in orthopedics and innovator of arthroscopy.

TSK is a worldwide known Japanese company that develops and produces high quality and innovative medical devices such as cannulae, needles, syringes, and other injection material. These products are widely used in the medical spectrum and known for their top quality. TSK's products are the most frequent choice of doctors around the world because they are one of the few products that have a great effect on the accuracy, convenience, and comfort of the patient. Needles produced by TSK are polished and buffed with the highest precision. For the sharpness and reliability of the needles, TSK has received many awards from physicians around the world.

SkinBetter is an American company that develops and manufactures innovative and very safe dermatological products for skin care. The SkinBetter founder,  a dermatologist and aesthetics expert is set up to create a range of products with clinically proven efficacy that is essential for visible skin reconstruction. The products are designed to deliver measurable and credible results in three core segments of Rejuvenation, Transformation, and Protection. SkinBetter has received many awards for the results and the real effects that have been achieved by applying their products. SkinBetter is a combination of science, beauty, and affordable luxury.

ENERGIST is the world's leading manufacturer of medical devices for use in aesthetic and dermatological medicine. Now it comes with the revolutionary NEOGEN Plasma technology, which achieves excellent results in skin rejuvenation, wrinkle smoothing, non-invasive eyelid lifting and many more. Unique technology that directly competes with fractional lasers and surpasses them in safety, achieves significantly better results with less healing time. The controlled warming of the skin structure stimulates physiological responses, without the formation of open wounds, or epidermal compaction of the skin.

HYAcorp is a manufacturer of filling materials for use in aesthetic dermatology. The most important product of HYAcorp is the only safe and certified body fill in the world, there is no product on the market with similar properties. The main difference is the size of the filling material molecules, which guarantees a long-lasting effect, up to 24 months. The body fills are complemented by a number of innovative dermal fillings designed for the facial application. The thixotropic application technique is also advantageous when there is no permanent deformation of the molecules at the application under pressure, the filler retains the same properties as before application. All HYAcorp products are manufactured in Germany with strict manufacturing standards.

CEBELIA is a manufacturer of French cosmetics with the main focus on skin care before and after aesthetic or plastic surgery. It helps accelerate skin regeneration, reduce the risk of side effects and, above all, improve the final effect of the treatment itself. CEBELIA is a brand that promises to offer a complete range of safe and effective cosmetics that prevents and slows the aging of the skin. Thanks to its scientific research, CEBELIA has already patented two highly innovative substances, Cebelin (active laminin 5) and Pekaline (depigmentation active). And not only these substances provide the clinically proven effects of CEBELIA products.

Algeness is an American company focused on the development of innovative dermal fillers.

Algeness products are the result of 10 years of scientific and clinical research to find the most natural, biocompatible wrinkle filler and volume loss compensation in soft skin tissues. It is an agar-based (purified polysaccharide) filler that for the first time in aesthetic medicine offers a 100% natural, biocompatible, biodegradable alternative to  dermal fillers and it is chemical-free.