The range of services provided includes market and market access to complete distribution. We have a unique set of capabilities and we achieve excellent sales performance in the Central and Eastern regions of Europe . All this is in full compliance with the client's strategic plans, processes and policies to maximize brand development, customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Systagenix offers a complete range of wound healing products that meet the highest demands of healthcare professionals. The company focuses on skin care and wound healing in new ways, enhanced by an experienced team of experts in England. Systagenix delivers innovative products that are a breakthrough in clinical and economic results in the treatment, treatment and healing of both chronic and acute wounds. An experienced team of research and development experts at the Center of Excellence for Wound Healing in Gargrave, North Yorkshire, who has had a long history of developing wound healing materials at Systagenix, worthy of innovative wound healing practices.

KCI is a global company offering breakthrough and unique solutions for acute and chronic wound healing using specially developed V.A.C. based on vacuum therapy. For 35 years, KCI has been giving special emphasis to developing innovative technologies (NPWT) in vacuum therapy, so that wound healing and wound healing is as quick and effective as possible. This means easy for medical staff and convenient for patients around the world. This unique therapy allows you to treat a wide range of different injuries and speeds healing.

ARTHREX is a global healthcare company, a leading specialist in orthopedics and the development of new products. The main goal is to help surgeons and their patients. Arthrex has perfected arthroscopy and developed more than 10,000 advanced new products and operating methods that allow minimal orthopedic surgery. Arthrex is experiencing an unusual increase in orders and queries for their products around the world. However, it still maintains the status of a private family business, allowing better control and uncompromising product quality. It then delivers healthcare professionals, thereby facilitating and facilitating operations for millions of patients.

Bard Women's Health offers quality implants to minimally invasive treatment of urogynecological disorders in women (stress urinary incontinence in women, prolapse of pelvic floor organs).

Boston Scientifics AMS / Men's Health develops and manufactures top therapies and products for the treatment of urinary incontinence in men. It also offers penile prostheses for erectile dysfunction.

CARDINAL HEALTH helps deliver high-quality and affordable products that are included in a wide, high quality and value-for-money offer. It manufactures more than 2.5 trillion healthcare products per year, including medical, surgical, laboratory and rarely nuclear products.

CORDIS has been a pioneer and world leader in the development of miniinvasive methods of cardiac and vascular disease and top products associated with it. He has established a link to innovating high-quality and less invasive cardiovascular products and has built a strong global footprint across countries around the world.

TSK is a worldwide known Japanese company that develops and produces high quality and innovative medical devices such as cannulae, needles, syringes and other injection material. These products are widely used in the medical spectrum and, for their top quality, TSK's products are the most frequent choice of doctors around the world, because they are one of the few products that have a great effect on the accuracy, convenience and comfort of the patient . Needles produced by TSK are polished and buffed with the highest precision. For the sharpness and reliability of the needles, TSK has received many awards from physicians around the world.