What else we enjoy ...

IntMeDA offers a unique concept of global networking and business potential while uniting the highest standard medical device distributors and manufacturers all across the world. Surpassing the borders and limits of a regular business.

Aspironix is a proud member of Social Responsibility Association.

Discussion meeting "To make sense ..."

Exceptional discussion meetings with personalities from our friends and business partners.

CzechMed - Czech Medical Device Distributors Association

Was established in 1998 with the aim of contributing to the long-term contribution to raise the level of health care in the Czech Republic through the products of its members. CzechMed brings together 20 members, Czech and international companies, representing 30% of the Czech medical device market. The aim is to gradually raise awareness of the state-of-the-art medical devices in the professional and general public.

Dobrý anděl (Good Angel)  foundation

Helps with regular monthly contributions to families who have been in a difficult life situation as a result of a serious illness. All contributions selected in the given month from donors - Good Angels, the foundation divides the last penny into the families needed. 
Every Good Angel, too, knows exactly who he is helping.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Is a prestigious educational program for young people who supports you in personal development and acquisition of skills applicable to future life and work.

We are proud partners of the Deepak Chopra DEFINING LIMITLESS LEADERSHIP seminar with knowlege from the Super Brain bestseller.

More at https://thesoulofleadership.cz/