It is great to have a dreams. And it makes us all very happy, if we take the steps forward on a journey to accomplish our dreams.

We are so proud to let you know, that we are able to help contribute to journey of Klára Kolouchová-mountain climber to make her dream ... Dream 2K2.

Klara is the first Czech mountain climber, who reached peak of Mount Everest. And in the middle of summer 2018, she is going to accomplish her dream of reaching to toughest mountain in the world K2. Some of you had chance to meet Klara two weeks ago at "Aby to mělo smysl" event.

Please join me is wishing her all the best and success on this journey.

We are happy to share this information with all of you and wishing you having lots of great dreams and enjoying your journey, while reaching them.

Best Regards