‎About us

Aspironix was founded in 2011 with the ambition to help improve the availability of quality healthcare equipment in Central Europe.

We believe that the development of healthcare in our region requires the latest products and innovative services that reflect the needs of our customers and the new trends in our society. Aspironix is striving to balance the right combination of quality products and professional services to ensure the healthy development of healthcare.

Our professional team is a guarantee of long-term success together with our customers’ satisfaction.


  Jiří Pavlíček

     CEO – founder

Our Aspironix mission is to help. We believe that thanks to our long-term experience and professional approach, we are able to effectively help our doctors, nurses, medical staff and better healthcare. We help patients on their way to a speedy recovery. We are a trading company that helps our global partners with the entry and implementation of trade in the countries where we operate. We provide quality innovative products and services.

We have great ambitions to be one of the best distributors and therefore we take great care of the development, professionalism and humanity of our employees. It is humanity and a smile that often helps.

We are proud to be reliable partners to our customers, suppliers and employees. We are happy to cooperate on a number of charitable projects.

We have a passion for learning and constantly improving and we look forward to your further suggestions on a common path to the future.

Best regards

Jiří Pavlíček 

Marek Kuník

Country Manager

Petr Hambálek

Country Manager